Tarot of Love

The highest form of intelligence is love. Love is the common interest, understanding, participation, care, beauty, health. Art holds the keys of perception, introducing beings to the invisible world through the senses. Every human being is a bearer of invisible forces that define him, as they define his course and ultimately his life. The ancient gods, the attributes of the Saints, the zodiac signs, convey the meanings of these forces, whose emotions are their simplest expression. We all have these powers and we are all puppets with invisible ropes, but in our inner microcosm these deities are reflected in our face from the most beautiful to the ugliest self, from the smartest to the fittest, from the most generous to the smallest, and if the heroic self does not embrace the frightened self, then who will? who will fill the void of the opposite if not the opposite itself?
The tarot of invisible forces arranges thought, clarifies the horizon and studies the forces that determine destiny, aiming and facilitating communication with the supreme higher self.

Lydia Venieri

Lydia Venieri, The Cage with Wings

The Cage with Wings

Lydia Venieri, The Tower

The Tower

Lydia Venieri, The Knight

The Knight

Lydia Venieri, The Clock

The Clock

Lydia Venieri, The Obelisk

The Obelisk

Lydia Venieri, The Bowl

The Bowl

Lydia Venieri, The Black Heart

The Black Heart

Lydia Venieri, Mr. Diamond

Mr. Diamond

Lydia Venieri, The Jack of Clubs

The Jack of Clubs

Lydia Venieri, The Heart

The Heart

Lydia Venieri, The Key of Life

The Key of Life

Lydia Venieri, The Queen of Spades

The Queen of Spades

Lydia Venieri, The Queen Bee

The Queen Bee

Lydia Venieri, The Amazon

The Amazon

Lydia Venieri, Athena


Lydia Venieri, Lucidity


Lydia Venieri, The Dragon Princess

The Dragon Princess

Lydia Venieri, The Big and the Little Dipper

The Big and the Little Dipper

Lydia Venieri, Gravity


Lydia Venieri, The Deer Goddess

The Deer Goddess

Lydia Venieri, The Defeated Victory

The Defeated Victory

Lydia Venieri, The Serpent of Eden

The Serpent of Eden

Lydia Venieri, Diamonite


Lydia Venieri, The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life