Born in Athens, Greece
Lives and works in New York


Studied at the Ecole Nationale, Superieure des
Beaux Arts

Lydia Venieri, Lydia Venieri

Solo Shows

2019 Byronic Heroes, Tzistarakis Mosque, Monastiraki, Athens,
2017 Byronic Series, John Molloy Gallery,
Tarot Of Love, I-D Projectart, Athens,
2012 Gvq - Galerie Vanessa Quang Présente La Conspiration Des Dauphin
2011 Lola Nikolaou Gallery - Images From The Dolphin Conspiracy
Gallery Isabel Aninat Presents Sos, Gallery Isabel Aninat, Santiago, Chile,
The New York Public Library Presents Theogony, New York Public Library, New York,
The Last Conflict, Stux Gallery, New York,
The Dolphin Conspiracy At The Bathhouse Of The Wind, The Bathhouse Of The Wind, Athens,
2009 Tomorrow ~ Phosphor Stars In White Nights, Venetia Kapernekas Gallery,
Tomorrow At Art Miami 09, Stux Galley, Miami, Stux Galley, Art Miami 09, Miami,
Tomorrow Video At Show Off 09
See No Evil At The New York Public Library, New York Public Library, New York,
2008 See No Evil, Terra Gallery Tokyo, Japan,
Lydia Venieri, Forever After 2007 War Games, Stux Gallery, New York,
War Games, Gallery Lola Nikalaou, Thessaloniki,
2004 Hibernation – Summer Olympics, Vernikos Foundation, Kastella, Athens,
2000 Axiome Lambda, Gallery Samy Kinge, Paris,
Beyond Being, Gallery Three, Athens,
1997 Two Strangers On The Moon, Galerie Selini, Athens,
1995 Manifeste Tellurique Iii, Gallerie Samy Kinge, Paris,
Anima Mundis, Art Space X, Athens,
1994 Manifeste Tellurique I, Gallerie D’Athens, Athens,
1993 Anima Mundis, Banque Franco-Hellenique, Larissa,
1990 Les Sistres Du Temps, Ancien Musee Archeologique, Thessalonique,
1988 Les Figures De Lydia, Galerie Medoussa, Athenes,
Fiac, Galerie Samy Kinge, Grande Palais, Paris,
1986 Exposition Personnelle, Galerie Samy Kinge, Paris,
Lydia Venieri,

Group Shows

2018 Transplants: Greek Diaspora Artists , Anya And Andrew Shiva Gallery, John Jay College Of Criminal Justice, City University Of New York, Anya And Andrew Shiva Gallery, John Jay College Of Criminal Justice, City University Of New York
2017 Summer Sex I - On The Spur Of The Moment , Lichtundfire, New York, Lichtundfire, New York
On Paper , Paris Koh Fine Arts, Paris Koh Fine Arts
Xanadu: Land Of Enchantment , President's Gallery, John Jay College Of Criminal Justice, Cuny, President's Gallery, John Jay College Of Criminal Justice, Cuny
2016 Collateral Damage , The Anya And Andrew Shiva Gallery, The Anya And Andrew Shiva Gallery
2015 Eyes Only , Stux + Haller Gallery, Stux + Haller Gallery
2014 The Stolen Bird , Analix Forever Gallery And Vanessa Quang Gallery, Analix Forever Gallery And Vanessa Quang Gallery
...Burning Bright: Tiger, Tiger , Stux Gallery, New York, Stux Gallery, New York
Byronic , Galerie Vanessa Quang, Art Stage Singapore, Galerie Vanessa Quang, Art Stage Singapore
2013 L’Europe Laquelle At The Palais De Tokyo
2006 For Ever After , Luxe, New York, Luxe, New York
Forever After , Gallery 3, Athens, Gallery 3, Athens
2005 For Ever After , Gallery Quang, Paris, Gallery Quang, Paris
2004 Hibernation , Luxe Gallery, New York, Luxe Gallery, New York
Sleeping Beauty Conscience , Mid-Manhattan Library, New York, Mid-Manhattan Library, New York
2002 Hibernation , Gallerie Samy Kinge, Paris, Gallerie Samy Kinge, Paris
Hibernation , Gallerie Three, Athens, Gallerie Three, Athens
2001 Beyond Being , Space Untitled, New York, Space Untitled, New York
Summer Celebration , Sundaram Tagore Gallery, New York, Sundaram Tagore Gallery, New York
Lydia Venieri, For Ever After 2000 Beyond Being , Gallery Lola Nikolaou, Thessaloniki, Greece, Gallery Lola Nikolaou, Thessaloniki, Greece
1999 Who Is Nostalgic , Gallery Vourkariani, Kia, Greece, Gallery Vourkariani, Kia, Greece
1997 Cool Memories , Galerie Lola Nikolaou, Thessalonique, Greece, Galerie Lola Nikolaou, Thessalonique, Greece
1994 Manifeste Tellurique Ii , Galerie Lola Nikolaou, Thessalonique, Greece, Galerie Lola Nikolaou, Thessalonique, Greece
1990 Les Sistres Du Temps , Galerie Asbaek Pilon, Copenhagan, Galerie Asbaek Pilon, Copenhagan
Lydia Venieri, See No Evil - Guantanamo

iPhone Art

Moonlight, 2009,

Animations and Movies

The Dolphin Conspiracy, 2011
Tomorrow, 2009
Epilepsy, 2005
Last Conflict, 2005
For Ever After, 2004
Sleeping Beauty Conscience, 2002
Martha, 1996
Egg, 1995


Moonlight, Lydia Venieri, 2006
Beyond Being, Lydia Venieri, 2000
60 Drawings for Healthy Perversions by Tzimy Panousi, 1995

Internet Art

Katerina, 1997
Apology, 1996
Isis, 1995
Her Story, 1995
Temple, 1995
Tarot, 1995
Fin, 1994


Set design for Sarah & Lorraine by Marc Israel-Le Pelletier, Storefront Theatre, Chicago., 2008
Set design for Sarah & Lorraine by Marc Israel-Le Pelletier, Sanford Meisner Theatre, New York, 2007
Set design & costumes for the Lady form Ancona, Anatolia of my Soul: 75 years since the Asian Minor Catastrophy, Lykabetus Theatre, Athens Festival, 1997
Set design & costumes for The Lady from Ancona, Theatre of Komotini, Greece., 1996
Set design for Hellenic Orchestra's tour of USSR, Soviet Union, 1996
Set design for The Five Seasons, Dance theater Octana, 1995
Set design for Daphnis & Cloe, Octana Theatrical Group, Apothiki, Athens, 1994
Set design for "Inventaires" de Philippe Minyana, directed by Elia Kountis, l'Institue Francais d'Athenes., 1993

Awards and Commissions

Medal for Sculpture, Academie Francaise de Paris, 2004
Tower of Symbols, Open Air Sculpture, Central Athens, 2004
Wall of Symbols, Sculpture, Atelier Mallet Stevens, Paris
Lydia on, CD-ROM sponsored by Art Magazine and Hewlett Packard
“Infinity”, Collaboration with artist Takis on the sculpture.
Medal for Sculpture, Academie Francaise de Paris
Tower of Symbols, Open Air Sculpture, Central Athens, 2004
Wall of Symbols, Sculpture, Atelier Mallet Stevens, Paris
Lydia on, CD-ROM sponsored by Art Magazine and Hewlett Packard
"Infinity", Collaboration with artist Takis on the sculpture.
Commande en plein air d'une serie de sculputre Eros et Psyche, Fondation Alexandre Iolas, Athenes
Commande d'une serie de sculptures pour l'Incitation a la Creation, Abbaye de Montmajour, Arles
Carte Blanche, a l'occation de l'anniversaire de 10 ans du Centre George Pompidou, Galeries Contemporaines, Paris

Exhibition Catalogs

The Dolphin Conspiracy, Nadia Argyropoulou, 2010
No Evil, Beth Wilson, 2008
Oh You beautiful Doll, Douglas F. Maxwell, 2006
For Ever After, Niko Daskalothanassi, 2005
Olympic 2004, Nelly Kyriazi, 2004
Alive in new York, Nadia Argyropoulou, 2003
Hibernation, Marek Bartelik, 2002
Propos d’Europe, Jean Guyot and Pascale le Thorel, 2002
Pandora’s Box, Women Beyond Borders, Sania Papa, 2000
Truthful and Authentic Communication, Sania Papa, 2000
Beyond Being, Lydia Venieri, 2000
Approaching Hellinism, Nelly Kyriazi, 1999
Lydia’s Cool Memories, Sania Papa, 1997
Who is Nostalgic, Nikos Dalaretos, 1999
Manifesta, 1996
Telluric Manifesto, Sania Papa, 1994
Anima Mundis, Takis, 1993
Ermata, Wanderings of the Sacred, Sania Papa, 1992
Spira, Sania Papa, 1992
Metamorphose of the Modern, Anna Kafetzi, 1991
Chimes of Time, Jacques Lacarriere, 1990
Humor ad Revolution, Cannes & Barselona, 1989
Spirit and Body, Dora Rogan, 1989
The Gods Revist, Pierrre Giquel, 1988
The Figures of Lydia, Demosthenes Davetas, Edition Agras, 1988
Lydia Venieri -FIAC 88, Nicole Kinge, 1988
Lydia Venieri, Gerard Barriere, 1988
Carte Blanche, Centre George Pompidou, 1987

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