Lydia Venieri


Oct. 1, 1995

Lydia Venieri, "Fin"

Anima Mundis

Jan. 1, 1995

Isis is pregnant with the heir of knowledge. Her man is dead, his body dismembered, his penis destroyed. To the Gods' accusation that questions Osiris' paternity Isis responds with a poem lasting eigh ...
Lydia Venieri, Anima Mundis

Manifeste Tellurique II

Oct. 6, 1994

Lydia Venieri, Manifeste Tellurique II

Premiere Rencontre Internationale de Sculpture

June 1, 1994

The python reappears in Idolatry, a highly theatrical installation by Greek artist Lydia Venieri. Here the snake forms the undulating base of an astrolabe which frames a "magic mirror". Reflecting the ...
Lydia Venieri, Premiere Rencontre Internationale de Sculpture