Suburban deers, shooting stars, phosphor bombs, one thousand and one Gazan Nights.

The explosions you see within the video are not fireworks as the first might seem, but the deadly rain of phosphor bombs that are being used illegally on the population of Gaza and Iraq. I use the deers because they are symbolic of the suburban innocence, at the same time sacred like the soul of a burnt forest. I make them stare at the bombs as if they were looking at the star of Bethlehem trying to read the future and I have them singing "Tomorrow" which is an altruistic and nostalgic song of friendship.

I use the real voice of a young Israeli soldier. He's in the war defending his country. Like a thorn, like a flash of truth, his denunciation of the use of phosphor bombs is the last poem: The new Apocalypse.

In the background Gaza appears as if from the thousand and one nights. While the deers look on with their wide open eyes, beating hearts and standing ears are the image that we don't like to think about: Fear. They are exposed and unprotected, wondering, with their hearts frozen before they realized what has happened.

We are they.