Biennale Internazionale Donna


Can something as abstract as an Afternoon be call drowsy or melancholy? Has the Winter a physiognomy? How will Glory look if she was a woman?

The sequences of ideas run like shadows projected by the clouds onto the walls of the platonic cave or onto the bright darkness of the philosopher's mind. The ivy’s and the tree trunk’s intrigue, the whispering ruins, the nights which transform into universal monsters, all follow the elements of Empedocles. They chase who knows what, maybe the union, perhaps its avoidance. They run like the thought of something that manifests as ‘’life’’ before death transforms it into memory.

"Metamorphoses" is a video from digital painting that captures images of thought that change through symbols, stories, and associations that, as soon as they reach the completion of the form, transform into something new, hypnotizing, and leading to the avatar of meditation.