Pasiphae, Helios' daughter is cursed by Poseidon with the lust for a white bull. In order to make with the bull, she persuades Daedalus to construct a portable wooden cow within which she can take the bull. From this union, she gives birth to the Minotaur. “Pasiphae’ s Dance” composition and arrangement by Dimitri Vassilakis (C) (P) AEPI from the award winning album “Daedalus - Project Labyrinth” Candid Records 2001 Dimitri Vassilakis Music <br /> Dimitri Vassilakis Soprano saxophones <br /> David Liebman Soprano saxophones <br /> Theodosi Spassov Kaval <br /> Emmanuel Saridakis Hammond Organ <br /> Marc Johnson Bass <br /> bass Ralph Peterson Drums <br /> Jamey Haddad Percussion <br />