Pasiphae, Helios' daughter is cursed by Poseidon with the lust for a white bull. In order to make with the bull, she persuades Daedalus to construct a portable wooden cow within which she can take the bull. From this union, she gives birth to the Minotaur. “Pasiphae’ s Dance” composition and arrangement by Dimitri Vassilakis (C) (P) AEPI from the award winning album “Daedalus - Project Labyrinth” Candid Records 2001 Dimitri Vassilakis Music
Dimitri Vassilakis Soprano saxophones
David Liebman Soprano saxophones
Theodosi Spassov Kaval
Emmanuel Saridakis Hammond Organ
Marc Johnson Bass
bass Ralph Peterson Drums
Jamey Haddad Percussion